“ सुर्ख़-रू होता है इंसाँ ठोकरें खाने के बा’द, रंग लाती है हिना पत्थर पे पिस जाने के बा’द ”
Mr. Bhatt concluded his very enlightening and inspiring session of all the possibilities and avenues that awaits law students beyond the safe haven of their alma mater. In his customary easy manner of speaking, immaculate command over Hindi, polite & pleasing smile; Mr. Bhatt instantly connected with the 160 students in attendance of his much anticipated flagship session in this series of webinar being conducted by Indore Institute of Law.

The students were primarily from the graduating batch of 2020 and the batch of 2021.

Mr. Jayant Bhatt, who has a vast experience of litigation along with glorious qualification from two of the best International Colleges in the world; New York University & National University of Singapore, provided students the knowledge of the various career opportunities that can be explored by them, he elaborated upon the importance of gaining experience in the field of law and how to correctly move forward to ensure that you utilize your years productively.

An interactive session ensued between the speaker and the attendants, where the students posed their queries with regard to several career concerns.

A primary area of concern as highlighted by 4th year student Ms. Anshika Maheshwari by asking the practical approach towards a career in Judicial Services, Mr. Jayant Bhatt highlighted the need for practical court experience prior to entering in Judicial services as a step that all aspirants must consider. Ms. Damini Ganguly, 4th year student, inquired about the necessity of Litigation experience for a person looking to work in a commercial sector; Mr. Bhatt put in his suggestion in simple words ‘unless you are a prodigy, experience is the most valuable asset one can have’, core litigation experience being the cornerstone for every legal professional in any field must be prioritized by students. Penultimate year student, Ms. Pankuri Goyal, enquired about the impact of Covid-19 over the placement opportunities available to the current graduating batch and the challenges that can be faced by the graduating batches ahead.

Unexplored territories and thoughts that should be a concern for the education fraternity as well as the legal profession were discussed by these budding lawyers and were thoughtfully discussed by our learned speaker.

The session was undoubtedly a learning experience for the students and everyone in attendance.

Creating dialogue, discussing ideas and formulating strategies is the objective behind these seminar series, to swift through these difficult times with greater awareness and positive outlook for the future.

We forward our sincere gratitude to our humble guest and his wonderful contribution in this academic endeavor.