Prof. Dr. Manpreet Kaur Rajpal
Ph.D. (Law), LL.M., MBA (Finance), M.A. (Pol. Science) Gold Medal MSW
Director & Dean, Academics
Indore Institute of Law

Education is best described as the religion of all those who wish to have a life full of opportunities and challenges. Indore Institute of Law is striving day and night to help its students face these challenges with a great zeal and positivity. 

The exceptional academic endeavour of Indore Institute of Law is not only a landmark in Central India, but also a stature of attaining excellence in the field of research. Gratifying aspects of eminent author’s growth is their individual successes in peer-reviewed support for their research and their national stature. In order to provide a new platform for the same, I am proud to announce the new venture of Indore Institute of Law, “Nyaya Dishaa”. 

This Newsletter is the culmination of Law as well as Management research authenticity which continues to grow with exceptional hires and young writers who thrive and develop. The development of interdisciplinary teams has replaced single investigator-initiated research efforts within our group and worldwide. Looking forward to achieving new milestones, I congratulate each and every one to be a part of “Nyaya Dishaa” and wish the entire team unmatched success for their future endeavours.