Dr. Vinod Patidar
Ph. D. (Law), UGC Net, B.Com., LL.B.,
Indore Institute of Law

It is a great privilege to welcome you to Indore Institute of Law, an institution with a great history and tradition. In view of what has already been done and what the future holds, we are poised to meet our challenges.

All together, we have an incredible institution and its future continues without bounds. Our ability to leverage the strengths of the law as well as management community, uniquely position us to change and improve the way we provide education. We are fortunate to be part of an exceedingly supportive law background where innovative ideas can be turned into transformative therapies.

The human capital is extraordinary and the opportunities endless. In no time the institute as well as the newsletter has seen remarkable growth especially in the areas of research. The domain of knowledge is never ending and so is the dogma of trained professionals. “Nyaya Dishaa” is a platform for all such keen professionals to showcase their talent and also to look forward for the joint effort of contributing to the many years of research facility.