On being asked about the importance and significance of legal research for a lawyer, Mr. Sumeet Malik compared it to Hygiene and very lightly asked “have you brushed your teeth today?”, he went on to explain, a question like that is not asked because it is presumed to be an essential part, surely if you miss out on it the person next to you will point it out. That’s how essential Legal Research is to a Lawyer; it is an essential not an additional.

It was with such simple mannerism and specific methodology that the session was conducted.

Indore Institute of Law successfully conducted the IV Session in the Law Conclave series of Seminar on the Topic – Legal Research & Publication by one of the most renowned name in this field, Mr. Sumeet Malik, Director of EBC Publication & SCC Online.

The session witnessed an unprecedented turnout of 250 students in this online seminar.

Himself a graduate of National Law School India University, Bangalore (NLSIU), Mr. Malik initiated the session by asking the simplest of question to the students : “Why do you want to do Law” and proceeded with reminiscing the words of the most renowned name in legal academia Prof. N.R.Madhavan Menon that there are two things to be observed in order to succeed as a learner of law – (1) Where to find law (2) How to think like a lawyer.

In this session that was scheduled for 90 minutes but extended to 180 minutes on persuasion of those in attendance, Mr. Malik ignited that curiosity and ache for learning and excelling in the students that cannot be inculcated by mere classroom teachings.

Keeping the session entirely interactive and engaging students with various exercises and questions, the 180 minutes did not feel like a drag for even a second. In fact, even by the end, there were questions pouring in. Such is the command of Sir over legal research and core principles of law that the students poised a plethora of questions his way, all of which was patiently and effectively addressed by him.

Sir, swiftly went through the session explaining the importance of understanding relevant and irrelevant facts, question of law, question of facts, sources of law, stare decisis,, quadrants of knowledge, types of publications and most importantly the manner in which a case law and law journal must be accessed by a student or practitioner of law. He discussed many landmark judgments and the steep technicalities involved that are often missed by even the sharpest of minds.

The session was concluded with sir leaving the students with plenty of research ideas, several questions and curiosity to explore the area of legal research with a new found perspective. It is true that experience and expertise are unmatched by any other factor and today we surely witnessed the same with this session.

Sir concluded the session with saying that the students must spend considerable time and effort in reading landmark judgments and making it an exercise to understand the various implications and technicalities associated with the same. He motivated the students with the words that what sets the legal profession apart from any other is that all lawyers have the power to bring social change.

Truly, the session was an eye opener for all those in attendance that the outreach of law is far and beyond what eyes can see and my takeaway is something being said since time immemorial; law is a profession where one remains a student forever and only a teacher like Mr. Sumeet Malik can reignite that passion of learning even in the middle of a Global Pandemic.

We are grateful to your sir.