Indore Institute of Law is an institute that fosters excellence in the field of academics. The Institute believes in developing researching and analytical skills of the students with an objective to make them more introspective and aware about the upcoming laws, by means of publications.

In this endeavor, the Institute publishes a monthly newsletter “Nyaya Dishaa” which comprises of articles on variety of subjects around law. This is an amazing platform for the students to project their opinions on various social issues and also to develop a profound understanding of the laws existing in our country. Nyaya Dishaa not only consists of articles written by students but also has interviews of renowned judges and advocates from High Courts and the Supreme Court. These articles provide a multidimensional perspective to the students and are helpful to them in variety of other ways.

Nyaya Dishaa has a column which enumerates the students about the current happenings. There is a page solely dedicated to the events and competitions, such as Client Counseling competition, Intra-batch Parliamentary Debate, Intra-batch Moot Court Competition, etc, held within the Institute, This page also includes important cultural events such as Magisterium Gala, Traditional Day, Election-2k18, and  excursions like a recent to Leh Ladakh, International tour to Netherlands, which not only promote students in different fields but also provide them a chance to explore their talent and ability in all ways.

Nyaya Dishaa provides an incredible chance to other students too. It incorporates articles from the students of different institutes in order to maintain competence and diversity in the content of the newsletter. Nyaya Dishaa is a stage granted to the students by Indore Institute of Law to showcase their knack and prowess in the legal profession and to display their aptitude in it.


To excel in producing competent legal professionals by:

  • Imparting strong theoretical background in the fundamental concepts of law.
  • Providing self-directed learning opportunities to leverage variety of career choices in law.
  • Training students to realize their ethical and environmental responsibilities for the betterment of mankind.
  • Entailing the students in Research and Development activities.


  • To emerge as a vibrant source of repute in academics, helping students excel in the field of law and legal research, adequately sensitized towards their ethical responsibility.

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The fifth series of webinar in Indore Institute of Law’s venture of series of webinars being conducted for law students